- Age Related Illness

Our Services

We are an organisation dedicated towards championing the cause of those senior citizens who have been cheated by old age. Being their guiding light in times of darkness and holding their hand while they walk through a rough phase in their life, is our goal.

Their daily schedule enables them to be continuously engaged in activities like art, games, individual and group counselling, yoga and planned recreation.

Proposed activities:

  1. Residential care
  2. Vocational inputs
  3. Medical assistance
  4. Planned Recreation
  5. Positive health development activities like yoga, physical exercise, group activities and others.
  6. Awareness promotion unit
  7. Supportive and counseling facility for the families/society

The Charges for admitting a patient will be as follows

A Class
Two Sharing
Monthly FeeNil
B Class
Two Sharing
Monthly Fee3,000
C Class
Two Sharing
Monthly Fee6,000

These charges include all the lodging and boarding costs.

Charges can differ from patient to patient depending upon the illness and services required by them.

Terms and conditions:

  • The families of the patient will have to pay a refundable deposit of INR 12,00,000/9,00,000/6,00,000/3,00,000/ per patient which will carry simple interest of 7% pa and the interest generated monthly will be given as a discount against monthly charges to be paid by families.
    The families will have to pay monthly expenditure of their choice – or create a fixed deposit in the name of the patient with a financial institution. Only the interest on the deposit will be utilized for meeting all the expenses of the patient till he / she survives
  • The fixed deposit and the refundable deposit will be duly returned to the family after the patient is no more.
  • The families are allowed to meet the patient at least once in a month
  • Patients will be allowed to be taken home or outings as per family member’s interest.