Anand Rehabilitation Centre

Anand Rehabilitation Centre

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder, often characterised by abnormal social behaviour and failure to recognise what is real. It is one of the most disabling mental illnesses. For a schizophrenic patient, the reality is distorted. They have hallucinatory episodes. During these, patients cannot differentiate between what is real and what is a hallucination. This condition can lead to a schizophrenic being a victim or a perpetrator of a violent or a non-violent crime. There are instances of patients attacking someone (even a family member) to save themselves when they are having hallucinations. There are antipsychotics available which have a calming effect, reduce anxiety, agitation and restlessness in the affected. But, there is no treatment to successfully cure a patient.

Anand Rehabilitation Centre is an NGO dedicated to minimising the suffering of such patients. Situated in the town of Nallasopara, around 30 km. away from Mumbai, we provide psycho-social rehabilitation services for the affected.

It can be very difficult, both emotionally and financially, for a family to help a schizophrenic patient. The family cannot live a normal life and society does not understand the love and care these patients need. These patients can also become a danger to people around them.

Focusing on all of this, we run residential programmes for both male and female patients. Here, we cater to the psychosocial rehabilitation needs of the needy and affected.