Anand Care Home


As people age, their bodies and bodily functions start to deteriorate. After a certain point of time, their bodies become a hotbed of illnesses and diseases. Their vital organs, slowly but gradually, start to deteriorate. Brain, heart and other such organs start to atrophy and turn vestigial. This leads to various illnesses like Alzheimer’s, other types of dementia, clinical depression and OCD among many others.

Anand Care Home is an NGO, striving to ensure proper care and treatment for such patients. Situated in the quaint, little town of Udvada in Gujarat, our facility is well equipped to take care of your near and dear ones. While we cannot ensure a 100% treatment, we do ensure a conducive atmosphere for their well-being and betterment.

We understand how difficult it can be to take care of such patients. It can drain a patient’s family, both emotionally and financially. People living in the community do not understand the gravity of such problems and shun them.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we provide a complete set up where the patients’ psycho-social needs, medical requirements, recreational and vocational needs are met under one roof.

This will enable a patient’s family to lead normal lives while monitoring a patient’s progress, periodically.

Salient Features:

  • A central kitchen to satisfy all the food related requirements.
  • An approximately 5000 sq. ft. unit for indoor games, TV, etc.
  • Medical assistance unit with visiting consultants.
  • Health promotion unit with space for physical exercise and yoga.


Rationale for the project

In the course of its work, ACH realized that in some cases families desert the patients, who come for treatment at the hospital. The patients are never taken back home. There are several reasons for this action. In some cases the family is not able to bear the cost of the treatment due to financial crunch; they feel embarrassed to have such a member staying at home, the patient cause physical harm to the family members, people in the community or even to themselves. Sometimes the family is not capable of handling the patients. In each case, the patient is at a loss because he/she is not able to fend for themself.

Even in a mega city like Mumbai, where there are a large number of health and mental health services offered, except for the Thane Mental Hospital, there is no other facility providing institutional care for the mentally ill patients. By and large half way homes, hotline services, day care centers and support groups are the only facilities that are available.

Keeping the above in mind, ACH thought of setting up a long stay home for the patients, where they will be taken care of till they live. It would be a complete setup where the patients’ psycho- social needs, medical requirements, recreational and vocational needs are met under one roof. The patient is left in caring hands and the family can continue to live normal lives without worrying for the patient’s wellbeing.


Our facility at Udvada, will be a ground + four floor building, with a car park area and 3800 sq. ft. of open area for activities. The details of the project are as follows.

Project: Setting up of Residential Care facility for people suffering from chronic mental illnesses

Proposed area: Survey No.: 365/1,Sutharwad, Udwada in Village Pulsana, Taluka : Pardi, Dist: Valsad, State Gujarat 396185

Proposed area of development: 25080 sq ft

Detail: The building is ground + four floor with lift with car parking, 3.5 gunta open area for activities.

Proposed set up:

  1. A 25095 sq ft residential centre to accommodate 200 patients.
  2. A central kitchen to provide for food services
  3. A recreation unit with provision of indoor games, T.V etc and vocational training unit approximately 5000 sq.ft in size
  4. A medical assistance unit with visiting consultants.
  5. A health promotion unit with space for physical exercise, yoga, etc
  6. An administrative office


  • To provide for psycho-social rehabilitation services to the individuals suffering from chronic mental illness, especially schizophrenia
  • To provide vocational inputs to the inmates to improve their social skills and work habits
  • To provide recreational facilities to the inmates
  • To provide for medical assistance and care
  • To offer psychological and social support to the families of the patients
  • To promote mental health and create awareness about mental illness in the society