Anand Care Home


The growing needs of psycho social rehabilitation for Schizophrenia and lack of such services in the western region of the country motivated R. Gopalakrishnan to set up a half way home. This residential care is the first of its kind in Mumbai city functioning since April 2002 providing residential programme for male and female patients.

Anand Care Home formerly known as Anand Rehabilitation Centre was started by R. Gopalakrishnan at Mumbai in the year 2002. Gopal to all his friends and well wishers conceived the idea of an agency to address the needs of patients suffering from mental illness ‘Schizophrenia’ after an agonizing experience with a friend’s family member’s treatment. Anand Care Home has now grown into a full-fledged psychiatric hospital and helped hundreds of people from Mumbai and it’s vicinity.

Anand Care Home occupies a unique position in the country’s health sector as one of the best providing health services to needy and deserving people in Mumbai and also providing in community based psychosocial rehabilitation and training in the field of Mental Health.


  • To provide help for people who are having psychiatric difficulties and need support to be rehabilitated and integrated with family and society.
  • To provide short stay facility to the mentally ill person to learn social skills.
  • To provide family counseling and family therapy to the family.
  • To provide Day Care services with suitable therapeutic intervention to enable the people with mental illness to learn basic living skills.
  • To promote mental health in the community.
  • To collaborate with all other similar and related organizations.
  • To implement therapeutic community principles in the treatment.

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