Gopalakrishnan Aiyer rescues 17 year old rape victim

Nalasopara police on Sunday humiliated a 17-year-old girl who wished to lodge a police complaint against a man who had repeatedly raped her, and took hours to take her statement on Monday.
“Rescuing the girl was the easy part; getting a case registered was a tiresome task. At first the police (on Sunday) discouraged the girl from filing a complaint, and questioned her as if she was a criminal. A male officer asked the girl whether she had sexual intercourse with any other man,” said Gopalakrishnan Aiyer, a social activist from Anand Rehabilitation Centre, which rescued the minor girl.

Patients take heart, the good samaritan is here

Patients take heart, the good samaritan is here
A single phone call to Gopalakrishnan and he is ready at an hour of the day to contact relevant authorities and make the necessary arrangements in the hospital, which may be located anywhere in Mumbai. It takes him anything from two hours to a few days to ensure this. But, it’s said that the results are always positive.

Tireless Service

When there’s a medical emergency in the family, R. Gopalakrishnan is the
man many Bombayites are turning to.
It’s a service Gopalakrishnan has been at with tireless regularly for over 16 years. Arranging difficult-to-find hospital beds or appointments with doctors, procuring blood, life-saving drugs that need to be imported or ordered over e-mail, even finding finance for those who can’t afford expensive but essential treatments.

A Service that cares for patients

Patients and their dear ones can be rest assured that there is someone who
is ready to help.
In this sprawling megalopolis, patients and their dear ones can rest assured that there is someone who is ready to help them in their hour of need. ‘The Enterprise of Care’ organises and helps out patients in every aspect of their treatment.